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Passed Up

On Sunday fellow Translink blogger Priority Seating wrote about a problem for everyone who rides the bus, the frustrating moment when you see a bus in the distance only to have it pass you by without stopping. Often you’ll see … Continue reading

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High and Dry

Living in Surrey has a few disappointing aspects. Some more personal and not something I’m going to go into on this blog, but one glaring aspect has been transit. Surrey, like many of the Vancouver suburbs, has a lot of … Continue reading

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Trip Planning

I moved to Surrey and began a longer commute last week. The night before my first commute to work I decided to use the ol’ Trip Planning tool on the Translink website to see how long it would take to … Continue reading

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Next stop: Granville Street

September 7th has kids going back to school, marks the end of the summer (although not officially) and the return of buses on Granville Street. The trolly buses stopped running down Granville in April of 2006 to allow for the … Continue reading

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Weekends 101: The Quiz

It’s quiz time Tales of Translink readers! Please take out your number 2 pencils and select the best option for the following scenario. Mark your scantron forms clearly and write your full name in the space provided. Question 1: It’s … Continue reading

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Life in Suburbia

If there is anything that will make you feel good about the Translink service in Vancouver it’s living in the suburbs. Confession- I grew up in Surrey (I say this with a head bowed in shame and a voice so … Continue reading

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