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Free Transit!

Wow. We haven’t blogged since October 14th, sorry about that. At least the last post was about cute guys, so we got that going for us. Hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday season and will be celebrating the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Translink’s mobile site

The Translink mobile site went live earlier this month and I’ve got some thoughts on it. Overall, it’s a great addition to the ever-growing services that Translink provides us. While this may come off as a list of complaints, it’s … Continue reading

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High and Dry

Living in Surrey has a few disappointing aspects. Some more personal and not something I’m going to go into on this blog, but one glaring aspect has been transit. Surrey, like many of the Vancouver suburbs, has a lot of … Continue reading

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Trip Planning

I moved to Surrey and began a longer commute last week. The night before my first commute to work I decided to use the ol’ Trip Planning tool on the Translink website to see how long it would take to … Continue reading

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Your responsibility?

I hate the 25. I truly and deeply hate the 25. Sadly, it’s one of the routes I’m dependent upon to get around. I’ve made many complaints on Twitter about the route, usually while I’m waiting at the stop in … Continue reading

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Feedback Form (aka Complaints)

I have a slight love/hate relationship with the Translink Twitter project. I love that they are replying to their customers frustrations because it’s nice to see that we are being heard, even if it doesn’t go much further than one … Continue reading

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Translink has been running a trial launch for their Twitter service in which they Tweet updates and respond to inquiries. I like this service, in one instance they tried to help me make the last train on time, it would … Continue reading

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